28 September 2012

30 Days of Books- Day 28: Favorite title

[For the English translation, see the text in grey below]

Just nu är min favorit titel The Distant Hours (som är titeln till Kate Mortons tredje roman). Jag blev lite förtrollad av titeln tror jag, för jag köpte boken för titelns skull, utan att läsa baksidestexten. Men jag anade att boken skulle handla om gamla mörka hemligheter, och fina engelska miljöer. Kombinationen av orden ”Distant” och ”Hours” känns helt rätt: lite surrealism blandat med nostalgi.

At the moment, my favorite title is The Distant Hours (the title to Kate Morton's third novel). I think this title cast a spell on me, because I will admit that the only reason I bought this book was the title-- I didn't even read the back cover! But I did get a sense from the title that it was going to be about old murky secrets, and wonderful English country side environments.

It must be the combination of the word "distant" with "hours" that has the perfect feel: a little surrealism mixed with nostalgia. I applaud the person that came up with the title, since it really does capture the essence of the story for me. 

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